13th Asian-Pacific Congress of Hypertension
06 - 08 October 2017
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

Singapore Hypertension Society

The Singapore Hypertension Society (SHS) was founded by a group of physicians from various disciplines with the common philosophy that since hypertension has many facets to its causation, pathogenesis, and clinical consequences, a multidisciplinary approach will achieve the most success for the goal of managing the disorder.

The SHS plays an important role in organising clinical meetings, seminars and conventions to advance the practice of hypertension management. The Society advocates research and publication of medical and scientific works on hypertension, as well as promoting regional and international cooperation in the study of hypertension.

The SHS is affiliated to the Asian Pacific Society of Hypertension, having been formally inaugurated on 23 February 2002 at the Pan-Pacific Hotel in Singapore. SHS hosted the 3rd Asian Pacific Congress of Hypertension on 3-7 April 2004. The Society works closely with, and has the strong support of the Singapore Heart Foundation, the Singapore Cardiac Society, and the Singapore Society of Nephrology.

With support from both medical and paramedical professionals, biomedical scientists, and the Government, the SHS will actively implement programmes to educate the community on the different aspects of hypertension, aiming to detect the condition early so as to minimise its complications.